Goretti's family

That of the Goretti Cellars is a history of wine producers that, started in the early 1900s, has been handed down from father to son with the succession of four generations, continuing to present itself in the wine scene with pride, sentiment, evolution and qualitative continuity.

The current objective is that of always: quality, research and experimentation of new techniques of cultivation and winemaking, but also diffusion of the culture and tradition of the territory of which the company is the main interpreter.

The Goretti family is today witness to a deep rootedness with the territory and an entrepreneurial choice that has its roots in time. A shared and consolidated business culture that allows the family to look at their past as a stimulus for continuous improvement.


Colli Perugini

  • L’Arringatore
  • Il Moggio
  • Grechetto
  • Pinot grigio
  • Chardonnay
  • Fontanella rosso
  • Fontanella bianco
  • Fontanella rosato



  • Montefalco Rosso
  • Montefalco Sagrantino

Tular beer

Tular tells the love for his land and the desire to enhance products and typical products from the green heart of Italy, Umbria.


Vinotherapy as an elixir of youth exploits the indissoluble combination of wine and wellness.



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  • Ci siamo quasi..ANTEPRIMA SAGRANTINO!

24-25 Febbraio presenteremo la nuova annata SAGRANTINO 2016 🍷🍷 Laboratorio per operatori: Il Sagrantino tra percezione e rappresentazione 
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#sagrantino #anteprimasagrantino #consorziomontefalco #montefalco #goretti
Consorzio Tutela Vini Montefalco
  • Una benedizione speciale per aprire il periodo pasquale, che possa regalare serenità a tutti!  A special blessing to open the Easter period, we wish it can give peace to everyone! #sagrantino #larringatore #nonnamarcella @cantinagoretti
  • Oggi in cantina il rumore dell’imbottigliamento è musica delle nuove annate..🎶🎶🤩
~~ Today at the winery the noise of bottling is music of the new years 🎶🎶🤩
#newvintages #fontanella #goretti #whitewine #greatyear
  • Febbraio, il mese dell’amore..avete già scelto il vino che riscalderà i vostri cuori? •
February, the month of love..have you already chosen the wine that will warm your hearts?
#Sagrantino #Goretti #Montefalco #redwine #passion #february #love
  • New vintage... great new ratings!!! ##goretti #GorettiWines #winecritic #Sagrantino #Grechetto #LArringatore 🏆🏆
@cantinagoretti @raffaelewinescritic
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