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Balsamic Grape vinegar

GRAPE VARIETY: traditional indigenous grapes


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bright dark brown


very intense to the nose, there are different
essences coming from the barrels


very dense with a fine concentration


full bodied; right balance between sweet and sour.
Elegant style, refined and good lingering.
The taste is slightly sweetish and rich in aromatic nuances.


you can use it on top of all kinds
of salads and vegetables. We recommend to use it on grilled meat.
Perfect also with raw tuna, with parmesan cheese or
on omelettes.
Unforgettable on the fois gras, on the carpaccio, on the
steamed lobsters and on the ice-cream and strawberries.
It’s good also as natural digestive after a generous meal.


room temperature

Condimento Balsamico

PROCESS: The harvest occurs between September and October.
The cooking process of the must is very slow, it takes 24 hours over a direct flame. The fermentation occurs in open air. The cooked must matures in oaks and stays there until springtime. Then we put the must in a stainless steel tank called “Badessa”, where a selection of 100 years old bacteria starts the acetic fermentation. After about 10 years the must becomes vinegar and it passes through a series of little barrels in different types of wood: chestnut, oak, mulberry, locust and cherry. These barrels have different decreasing sizes: from 75lt to 10 lt.
Bottle size: 100 ml