love and passion for good food can be inherited from family traditions,
from recipes handed down from our grandmothers, but it can be lost if
we overlook to perpetuate our heritage.
Grandmother Marcella is a great example of Family heritage. She was
inspired by a united and cohesive family, where it was worth cooking for
the satisfaction of her guests, especially on days of a feast. These times brought together
all of our family members. Nonna Marcella was committed during the week for the no-
ble agricultural activity in the rolling and productive hills in Pila.
The family property is dominated by an imposing medieval tower, well positioned on
the ground, witness of a rich feudal outpost for the city of Perugia, when wars were di-
sturbing the peace and there were active farmers. The property boasts the discovery of
a bronze statue of natural size, in the attitude of haranguing people, dating back to the
period of transition, from Etruscan to Roman times.
The historical origins linked to wine production of this local territory are far away. To-
day the wine production is carried out from the two brothers, Stefano and Gianluca
Goretti, with their care and a passion that I would call positive obsessive and maniacal.
The family farm of specialized vineyards is a well exposed and results technologically
advanced grape production. While Sara, one of the two nieces of Grandma Marcella, is
dedicated to managing the winery image, public relations, and she is a global ambassa-
dor to the world of the family wines.
L‘Umbria is rich in historical witness, from the natural stones to the papers, attesting the
vine cultivation, there are numerous Etruscan tombs found in the area. All of which tells
us the history of the place through sculptures, harvest scenes, banquets where the slave
poured the wine to the Lord being seated at the table in company of a female figure al-
lowed by the Etruscan ceremonial. As with the history of influential powers, the Roman
Angelo Valentini
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