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Room Marcella
The newest addition to Cantina Goretti in Perugia is the "Sala Marcella", a room equipped with a professional kitchen ideal for hosting large groups of 60-80 people. This gives us the possibility to offer more space in response to the current demand for private events, tour operators, event organizers, as well as increasingly informed tourists who would like to learn how to cook Italian, and in particular, Umbrian cuisine. The "Room Marcella" is part of a larger project, which began with the cookbook of local recipes (Umbrian recipes), written in Italian by Mrs. Nonna Marcella and translated into 14 languages (English, Russian, Korean, Chinese, but also Japanese and Danish, etc.). It was created not only to improve the promotion of the Goretti wine production but also the typical products of the area.

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With "Nonna Marcella", teacher of the hidden secrets of the Umbrian delicacies, it is possible to learn firsthand about the culinary traditions by making a selection of these dishes, the result of recipes which still maintain their original flavors and cultural importance. This experience may include a visit to the cellar, themed tastings, vertical tastings, cooking lessons, and cooking demonstrations for larger tourist groups. At the end, a meal will be served where the products prepared during the cooking lesson with be enjoyed.

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